Cat Zingano has been on a roll lately, and she is crediting a personal decision about her body for her success.

Cat Zingano is a veteran of the sport who has been fighting professionally since 2008. Zingano was part of the first class of female fighters to take part in the UFC and even has a title shot during her time with the organization. Now that Zingano has left the UFC and signed with Bellator, she has found the kind of success she had in the early days of her career.

Since joining Bellator, Zingano has won all three of her fights. She was a guest on MMA on Sirius XM and spoke about a personal decision she made that might have changed her career.

“If I can honestly say, I think taking out my breast implants. I think having the explant, and having all of the health issues I had leading up to that, and all the research I did, and all the people I was looking at that had implant illness, there’s all sorts, Zingano explained via Sportskeeda. “I had all these issues, and when I finally got [the implants] out all of these things were gone within a year. And I feel a new lease on life, I able to do all these things I thought I’d outgrown being able to do.”

Cat Zingano Explained How Having Her Implants Removed Improved Her Health

Zingano explained the ongoing health issues she was dealing with and came to the realization that it was her breast implants that were making her sick.

“I had a lot of hesitation in [removing them] because there’s vanity involved and what are people going to think, and what if it doesn’t work, what if that’s not the problem? But for me it really was, and I can’t believe how good I feel, and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner,” she said. “So if I have anything to say to some people, I’d say go check it out if you’re having weird symptoms, unexplainable symptoms. It’s pretty rampant and it’s a problem.”

Zingano is currently ranked number one in the women’s featherweight rankings and has been eyeing a fight with champion Cris Cyborg. Both sides have expressed interest in the bout, but no date has been set.

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