WWE star Theory was interviewed by Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston. Theory talked about Johnny Gargano’s return, Survivor Series tickets selling out quickly, and Triple H running creative.

Theory was asked how he feels being compared to John Cena as far as being the next face of the company:

“I will always appreciate that just because of being a kid at 8-years old and seeing John Cena for the first time really inspired me to do what I’m doing now. It’s made a career and pretty much set up my whole life, so there’s always going to be that appreciation for that comparison,” Theory said. He continued, “But for me, I want to be my own and I want to do my own thing. I think oftentimes when somebody’s on a come up, people are always going to jump to, ‘Oh, he does this like this one, or he looks like this one’, and that’s great because people are always going to do that, but I think with time, everybody’s going to know that Theory is a stand-alone name.”

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