Vince Russo is claiming that he worked as a consultant for the USA Network for the past 2 years.

In a video posted on his YouTube account, Russo says the consulting job lasted from 2020 (just before WrestleMania) until 2022. Russo didn’t go into too much detail on his YouTube channel because he wants his followers to find out more by subscribing to his Patreon account.

Russo said the following on the free version posted on his YouTube account:

“I’ve been keeping a little secret for the last two plus years that I want to talk about on this show. I want to come clean. People tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. When I start talking about the network, people actually think they know more about the network, and where the network stands pertaining to Raw and its audience and its numbers, than I do. Well, bro, I’m gonna break the news to you on this show. I’ve not said this publicly before from March, pre mania, bro. It was right before Mania in 2020 up until this past Mania in 2022. So basically, bro for two years, I was consulting for the USA Network, bro…”

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