The very bizarre “Siamese Boxing” match involving MMA veterans Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Bob Sapp earlier tonight (Sat., April 1, 2023) at Fight Circus 6 live on FITE.TV from Phuket, Thailand, went exactly the way fight fans thought it would. The action was strange from the opening bell and it ended with a stoppage finish for Team Rampage & Sapp.

Nobody really knows why this fight was booked, but Jackson and Sapp signed the dotted line and met Woody and Jon Nutt in the main event. Each hid an arm under a two-man shirt and fought as a par. The action was hot straight out of the gate as Jackson and Sapp moved inside and started to clobber their adversaries. It was wild to say the least.

In the second round Rampage and Sapp ended up beating up the referee. After trying to break up the fight along the ropes the ref found himself in a 2 vs. 1. He pushed the two MMA veterans across the cage as both men landed punches to the referee’s body. Once again, combat insanity at its finest.

Now while we don’t have highlights of the third-round TKO finish just yet, MMA Twitter was able to round up a few good shots. Check them out below:

For complete Fight Circus 6 results and coverage click here.

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