If it happens as soon as The Mail is reporting it could do, it will almost be too good to be true. The Super Fight that is Oleksandr Usyk Vs. Tyson Fury, for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world, signed, sealed and delivered as soon as December of this year!

According to the Mail news story, Usyk and Fury are already “in talks” over a fight to take place in Saudi Arabia on December 17th.

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This would be a pretty quick turnaround for Usyk, who would be fighting again, in the biggest fight of his career, a little under four months after his repeat win over a determined Anthony Joshua. Again, too good, too quick, to be true? Reports say the fight, if it happens on December 17, would take place one day after the World Cup takes place in Qatar. The money that is being talked about being on the line in a Fury-Usyk clash (who is the A-side in this one??) is “at least £125 million.”

Bob Arum, who co-promotes Fury, has said the two fighters should each take a 50 percent split of the fight purse. Let’s hope it’s that simple and both sides do indeed reach an agreement. There isn’t a fight fan out there who doesn’t want to see this fight go down. Usyk made it clear he wants it, saying after his repeat win over AJ that this is the only fight he wants, and that if he isn’t fighting Fury next, he isn’t fighting anybody. And Fury wasted no time in sending out messages via social media that made it clear he too wants the fight.

It is of course far too early to celebrate, as so many things could so easily go wrong in the negotiations (and we fight fans have been burned before), and December does seem to be pretty soon for a fight of this enormous magnitude (then again, the fight needs no further hyping, no further selling to the public). But the word is, if all the I’s and dotted and if all the T’s are crossed, the mega showdown that is Usyk Vs. Fury will take place in the city of Riyadh, with the powerful Saudi money men again hosting a truly massive heavyweight spectacle.

This fight is the biggest, most testing fight for both gifted heavyweights. What a boxing year 2022 will go down as if Fury-Usyk happens in December.

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