Despite Luke Rockhold’s gutsy performance in a Fight of the Night loss to Paulo Costa last weekend at UFC 278 outspoken middleweight contender Sean Strickland still isn’t a fan.

Rockhold, who was making his first Octagon appearance since 2019, struggled straight out of the gate. But even though Rockhold’s cardio failed him early his chin held up, allowing him to fight three entertaining rounds opposite a killer like Costa. It also provided Rockhold the chance to connect with fans in a way he hadn’t before even though he’s a former UFC middleweight champion.

Most of the mixed martial arts (MMA) community praised Rockhold for his efforts against Costa, but Strickland was not one of them. Instead, Strickland was glad to see Rockhold lose and announce his retirement from the sport all together.

“I’m actually glad that he retired, man,” said Strickland in a recent interview with The Schmo. “You will not meet a human being that meets Luke Rockhold and says, ‘Man, this is a solid guy. I want to go hang out with him.’ Luke Rockhold is the definition of what an uptight c—t is, and I’m glad that I do not have to hear his name or see him in the MMA community.”

Strickland, who is currently ranked No. 7 in the UFC’s middleweight division, is one of the most outspoken fighters on the roster today. He rarely holds any punches when talking about pretty much anything and what he does say is usually cringe-worthy. But Rockhold has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way over the years so maybe Strickland’s predetermined view of the former UFC champion is clouding his outlook on Luke’s performance at UFC 278.

“No one thought Luke was gonna win,” Strickland said. “We all knew that. You guys f—king knew that. I knew that. F—king guy is a champion. He does train. He wasn’t going to win, but like, he’s not a f—king can. You don’t win a belt, even if he did win at a very easy time. You don’t win a belt and then f—king suck.”

As Rockhold walks off into the sunset Strickland will prepare to shake off a recent knockout loss to Alex Pereira when he takes on middleweight contender Jared Cannonier this coming October.

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