ONE Championship Muay Thai fighter Liam Harrison is not happy with the way that people reacted to his fight ending injury suffered at ONE 161.

Harrison is a veteran of combat sports, with a 90-25-2 record, and after winning five straight bouts he was able to earn a chance to fight for ONE’s bantamweight title. He took on Nong-O Gaiyanghadao over the weekend, who has a staggering 264-54-10 record and has been defending the belt since 2018, amassing seven title defenses.

Liam Harrison Lashes Out

Nong-O Gaiyanghadao earned that seventh title defense by dispatching with Liam Harrison in the first round of their contest at ONE 161. This bout ended after the Englishman suffered an injury as a result of leg kicks.

After the fight, Harrison was the apparent victim of some trolls who decided to mock him and cheer about his defeat. He had enough though and decided to take to his Twitter with a since-deleted tweet to explain more about what happened and explain how rude it was for them to mock him.

“The moment my knee went and my heart broke. Knew the fight was finished right here before it even got going. Seen so many people absolutely loving it too, imagine being that bitter and twisted that they are loving the fact I’m going to be out for months and can’t earn a living,” Harrison wrote.

While combat sports is fan driven, which means that people will be passionate about the outcomes, it is also a dangerous endeavor that sees athletes put their bodies on the line, so Liam Harrison makes a good point about how wrong it is for people to mock this type of injury. Hopefully his road to recovery will be a seedy one, and he will be back to action soon.

Do you agree with Liam Harrison?

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