The Boxing Association of Thailand is taking legal action against ONE Championship for putting a twist on traditional Muay Thai.

The grounds of the lawsuit, filed this week, is that ONE is in violation of the Boxing Act of 2022. The act states that sanctioned organizations can’t profit from boxing matches unless their bylaws are filed with the Federal Trade Commission.

The specific angle of the suit is ONE’s implementation of ‘Muay Thai’ for the promotion’s kickboxing fights. The lawsuit alleges that ONE is putting a spin on traditional Muay Thai and not abiding by its traditions and guidelines.

ONE Championship Accused Of Falsely Labeling Fights As ‘Muay Thai’


“Upon inspection, it was found that Boxing ONE does not follow standard rules and regulations for Boxing Competition (No. 2) 2013, Region 4,” a supporter of the lawsuit against ONE said in a statement (per MMA Mania). “I’ll give you an example to see if in this regulation: Muay Thai fighters must pay homage to teachers, wear auspicious clothes, and dress up to be neat like Muay Thai that fight each other today. But ONE doesn’t follow the rules.”

ONE, in addition to hosting MMA fights, hosts a series of Muay Thai fights as a part of its promotion. It’s arguably one of the biggest stages for Muay Thai matchups at present.

ONE will host its first event in the United States on May 5th, featuring a trilogy between Demetrious Johnson and Adriano Moraes. The promotion hasn’t publically commented on the recent lawsuit.

What is your reaction to the lawsuit against ONE Championship?

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