Trevor Murdoch recently spoke with Fightful about the NWA World Title, TNA, his WWE run, WLW and other topics.

Murdoch said he never had a contract when he worked in TNA in 2009:

“I was legitimately on a phone call deal. Like every week, I was sitting around waiting to get a call going, ‘Okay, we’re going to use you this week.’”

Murdoch said he believes Triple H taking over WWE is a good thing:

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“I had a chance to work with DX and Hunter behind the scenes. He was constantly talking to us about wrestling and wrestling ideas. When I heard that Hunter was taking over, I was stoked. You’re gonna see a whole brand new product, in my opinion, a product we all love and enjoy again in about three months. You’re gonna take some time to build different angles and stuff like that, but one thing about Hunter is he’s not afraid to listen to the people and he’s smart enough not to give it all away.”

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