There are countless examples of Mike Perry doing, for lack of a better word, Mike Perry things, but now another one can be added to the list ahead of his BKFC bout with Michael “Venum” Page.

Fans were already confused, yet excited at the seemingly out of left field announcement that Perry and MVP would be throwing down in a bare-knuckle boxing match. As unexpected as the fight being booked was, given how eccentric both men are, it was nearly guaranteed that the build-up was going to be something to behold.

Mike Perry Has Bisexual Hands

With their August 20th matchup rapidly approaching, things have begun to heat up between Mike Perry and MVP. In fact, speaking together in a recent interview with the Mac Life, “Platinum” got on the topic of his recent run-ins with the law due to various street fights he has been in, explaining to Page and the rest of the world, that anyone can catch his hands on a moment’s notice.

“People talk shit about me, because that old man came at me and I swatted his ass. I swatted a few people in these streets. These hands is bisexual motherfucker… Anybody can get it. Any gender. Anybody can get this shit at any given time because I don’t trust nobody. If anybody gets too close to me it’s going down like that,” Perry said.

“I get what you’re saying, ‘You’re a high level athlete, you ain’t got time for these guys in the streets.’ I try not to have time for them, but they force their way in there, and you gotta swat ’em out. Flyswatter,” Perry added.

While on the surface, it may just seem like a bizarre but on-brand thing to say, when Perry says his hands are bisexual, given his track record with domestic violence allegations, it may not be the most tasteful thing to say.

Most notably was the lengthy allegations that the “Platinum Princess,” his ex-wife Danielle Nickerson, made about him, shortly after they broke up, but it is worth noting that these were allegations that were adamantly denied.

What do you make of this response from Mike Perry, regarding his recent issues with street fights? How do you see his fight with MVP playing out?

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