Michael Page has sent upcoming opponent Mike Perry a warning ahead of his trip across the Atlantic to England’s capital later this summer.

In one of 2022’s more bizarre and eyebrow-raising announcements, it was recently revealed that #2-ranked Bellator welterweight “Venom” Page will square off with former UFC fighter “Platinum” Perry under the promotional banner of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

While Perry signed a multi-fight deal with BKFC last October and debuted with a victory over Julian Lane earlier this year, MVP remains under contract with Bellator. The Londoner only recently competed in the cage, falling short of interim gold against Logan Storey in the Bellator 281 headliner last month.

Keen to stay active and explore other opportunities before looking to resume his pursuit of MMA gold, and with the blessing of the Scott Coker-led promotion, Page has chosen to explore bare-knuckle boxing for the first time.

With that, he’ll go toe-to-toe with Perry at BKFC 27 in London on August 20.

The matchup will represent a stark contrast from Page’s latest opponent, who cut a largely respectful and low-key figure. There are many words to describe Perry, and low-key certainly isn’t one of them.

Perry’s antics were on full display prior to his BKFC debut in February. From a ringside brawl in Tampa to a heated press conference and pre-fight face-off, “Platinum” announced his arrival with an animosity-fueled bout.

While he didn’t catch the whole fight, Page unsurprisingly didn’t manage to avoid Perry and Lane’s back and forth on his social media feeds.

“I’ve seen him compete before, years and years ago when he was doing mixed martial arts,” Page said during an interview with MMA Underground’s John Morgan. “Then (his) bare-knuckle (debut) recently, I kept seeing his press conferences coming up on my feed, looked like they had a bit of an exciting press conference.”

While he’s hoping to interact with the ‘real’ Mike Perry come August, “Venom” did warn the Michigan native that he’ll be entering a city that might not take kindly to his usual antics.

“For me, personally, I enjoy anybody who’s just being themselves. If that’s him, then that is him. But yeah, you are coming to London. So, I’d suggest you be careful, just a little bit,” warned Page. “And it’s not because of me, it’s because of how other people will take it. They seem to take it a lot more serious than me… You might run into a little bit of trouble if you go too far.”

Perry has proved that he has little issue with playing the villain, something that’ll come in handy when he enters enemy territory to throw down with hometown boy Page.

Who do you think will have their hand raised on August 20, Michael Page or Mike Perry?

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