On the latest “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt Hardy gave some insight into his feud with Edge. For those of you unaware, in 2005, tensions were high between Edge and Matt Hardy when Lita left Matt Hardy for Edge in real life. Matt was released by the company and then was brought back and they turned the shoot into a storyline on TV. Edge and Matt were booked to wrestle each other at SummerSlam 2005. Matt described the meeting Vince McMahon had with Edge and himself for that match:

“I’m gonna give everyone a little sneak peek into Vince McMahon and his mind. He was worried there was going to be tension between myself and Edge, so he called us into his office and he was going to sit us down and talk to us and also let us know how he wanted the finish of this match to go specifically in detail. So we walked into the room, and we were getting along good at this time. You know, there were moments where there was some tension, obviously. But Vince was going to talk to us both and make sure to lay down the law so to say.”

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