On the latest “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Jon Alba and Matt Hardy discussed CM Punk‘s storyline feud with Jeff Hardy in WWE in 2009. Matt was asked if Jeff had any issue with Punk because Punk would bring up Jeff’s real-life addiction issues in his promos:

“I remember Jeff said, ‘Dude, this is like, because we’re the polar opposites, go crazy. Whatever you want to say about addictions or my rockstar lifestyle, drug issues, go ahead. It’s great for our story, it’s great for our angle, and it’s perfect for your character. It makes you an amazing, hypocritical, bad guy towards me because you’re saying all of this stuff is wrong with me, even though you’re the bad guy in this scenario.’ Jeff was totally open with that. Like, ‘Yeah, go crazy. Nothing’s off limits, like whatever you want to do.’ He was very open and willing to work with Punk at that time.”

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