During the latest “Keepin’ It 100” podcast, Konnan commented on Thunder Rosa’s injury situation. Rosa says she has a back injury but Konnan said that she privately told him that she had a torn ACL. On Busted Open Radio, Rosa said that she had trouble moving because of her back injury.

Konnan talking about Thunder Rosa’s injury:

“I actually asked her. I said, ‘Yo, why would you tell me that it’s your knee when it’s your back?’ She said, ‘Oh, I thought I told you it was my back.’ I go, ‘No, you told me it was your fu**king knee. Why would you say that?’ It’s either your knee or your back. There is no confusing it.’ That’s like me telling you, ‘Yea, I’m not going to show up because I have an eye infection’, and then I go, ‘No, what I really meant is my knee.’ The conspiracy guy in me felt like maybe, and I can be absolutely wrong, that maybe for having problems backstage, they sat her down and said, ‘Say you’re injured.’ But, she can also be injured.”

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