This week on the “DDP Snake Pit” podcast, Jake Roberts and Diamond Dallas Page answered questions sent in by members. 

Roberts was asked what his experience was like shooting the video “Stand Back” for WWE in 1986:

“I wanted to slash my wrist. Number one, I can’t dance. I don’t claim to be a dancer. I like to watch dancers, but I wouldn’t be a dancer. Musical instruments, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, much less play a trumpet. That whole shenanigan was probably the worst time I’ve had in the WWE or any other organization because we were asked to come to Atlantic City for three days with our wives or husbands, stay in that hotel, come to all this stuff to rehearse and do all this, then do the show and all that, and have to listen through Vince say, ‘Stand back’, which we all know was a shoot from the word get go, and we got paid nothing for doing it. Nothing.

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