Adriano Moraes has shared his thoughts with the media from before his first fight with Demetrious Johnson ahead of their rematch tonight.

The Brazilian bantamweight champion of ONE FC gave an honest assessment of his pre-fight feelings, if not humorous. He is scheduled to rematch the former pound-for-pound number one tonight following his stunning knockout at ONE on TNT in April of 2021.

The 33-year-old is now receiving the adulation he finally feels that he deserves, yet remains humble in his self-assessments. If he should be once again victorious over “Mighty Mouse,” it would cement his opinions as facts.

Adriano Moraes Photo Credit ONE Championship
Adriano Moraes (Photo Credit: ONE Championship)

Moraes Shares The Love

When speaking to Sherdog, Moraes elaborated on what it was like to face a one-time idol:

“Before the fight, I was a number one fan of DJs, you know? I followed his career since it began. I followed his career inside of the cage, and outside too. He is an example to us all as a fighter, and as human beings. So for me to share the cage with the man once is a blessing. So I have much love for him.”

The friendly phenom went on to talk about his self-doubts before the fight.

“When they scheduled for the first time my fight against DJ, my first thought was ‘Oh, I f****d up, He is going to kick my a**’. You Know? You’re gonna destroy my dreams and everything I have been building.”

A rare moment of honesty from a fighter who had genuine doubts about his ability to beat opponents, he went on:

“I’m saying, the guy is a great of our time. So that was my first thought. I came home and I asked my wife to help me out, and to rebuild my mindset.”

Clearly a man with a wife who is talented in the field of sports psychology, Moraes will look to repeat a second-round showstopper in Singapore stadium against the man he admires, Demetrious Johnson later tonight.

Who have you got in the rematch, Adriano Moraes or Demetrious Johnson?

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