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Have you seen the new docuseries about Conor McGregor’s life? It’s quite upsetting for some people who know his true behaviour outside the spotlight…

On Netflix, in his newly released miniseries that runs under the name of McGregor Forever. Supposed to be an inspiring sports documentary, however it rather stands out NOT for what it includes, but for what it excludes. It conveniently overlooks his alleged drug use, infidelity, or unnecessary aggression against in public – for instance you remember his assault on an elderly man in a pub after refusing his whiskey?

Instead, we get to watch him & his employees in 4 hour-long episodes sharing their biased views on the best sportsman ever alive. Very Americanized, however Conor McGregor is a fascinating character. A man that has galvanized a generation of disciples, (young and old) who follow and defend his every move. There’s definitely an ever-growing cult around him, however this series are his last efforts to keep himself in the centre of attention.

Finally he is back in the USADA testing pool, and the UFC is trying to book him in against Chandler by the end of the year.

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