Chael Sonnen says Leon Edwards ‘cheated’ his way to UFC title

Chael Sonnen has always said exactly what he’s thinking and he doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

Over the weekend Sonnen released a video detailing his thoughts on the fight between former pound-for-pound king Kamaru Usman and the new champion, Leon Edwards.

“There’s a lot more in Leon versus Usman and nobody spoke of it,” he said. “Kamaru is apparently too much of a gentleman to, in conjunction with it appears Kamaru is going to get the rematch so there is no need for it. But Leon cheated in that match a whole bunch of times. That is not a headline or a topic that is out there anywhere, I do not want to be the one to bring that to you.”

The fight was clearly going Usman’s way. Edwards had won the first round but it was all Usman after that. He was just seconds away from cruising into another decision victory when Edwards landed a perfectly timed head kick that knocked Usman out cold.

“I’m a guy that operates in the gray, I’m not giving him a hard time…for the story to be told accurately, nobody’s wanting to touch that,” he said. “Leon Edwards was frustrated in positions and had no way out of positions to the extent that he cheated repeatedly, not once, not an accident, not the ref didn’t see it… the ref broke the act five or six times…”

The cheating he’s referring to is fence grabs, which the fans noticed as well.

“So now you’re in a fifth round that you never should’ve been in potentially, you take a kick in a fight that you were winning, that you were trying to finish, and you had the position you needed to get said finish and the opponent cheated three times…Leon learned a lot in this fight. When Leon goes to prepare for Kamaru again, he’s going to have some confidence…it’s a strong word to say cheated, but what other word do you want to use?”

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