President of BKFC, Dave Feldman is defending his sport from its critics.

There is a new kind of combat sport that is gaining traction with the fans, that is bare-knuckle boxing. The sport that pits fighters against each other with very minimal hand wrapping can be a bloody scene, and that is what most fans like about it.

Those who love it, love the violent nature of these hard-core athletes bashing each other in the face. However, on the flip side, the critics hate it for the same reasons.

The man who launched the bare-knuckle craze, Bare Knuckle FC’s president Feldman is proud of the success this sport has found within the combat sports world and is boasting about the safety in this extreme sport. Feldman spoke to talkSport about the difference between Bare-knuckle and MMA or boxing.

“We have data on over 400 fighters who have fought bare-knuckle over the last four years,” he said. “All the data compiled tells us we have less injuries than boxing and MMA, less facial fractures, less head trauma, less hand breaks, less major injuries. Do we have more lacerations? Yeah, we definitely do. But for that, we have a staff plastic surgeon who stitches up all the fighters before they leave.”

Artem Lobov
Image Credit: Ryan Nixon/BKFC

When asked bout the bloodiness of the sport, Feldman defended his organization.

“It is a little bit, I guess you could say brutal. I don’t think it’s barbaric at all because this is where it all started,” Feldman explained. “The way to get rid of that perception is to watch the sport you’ll understand it’s not as ‘barbaric’ as you think it is and it’s actually just as mainstream as boxing and MMA.”

BKFC will be holding its next event in London today, beginning at 1:00 PM ET. The event will feature Bellator fighter Michael ‘Venom’ Page making his bare-knuckle debut against former UFC fighter Mike Perry.

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