Former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has no doubts about Islam Makhachev’s victory over Charles Oliveira, but acknowledges that the Brazilian has an arsenal that his friend and teammate should be wary of. BUT, Charles Oliveira is not going to fight a Russian fighter for more than five minutes. Having agreed to a title fight against Islam Makhachev, Charles Oliveira is counting on the fact that a victory over the Russian lightweight will guarantee him a fight against Conor McGregor. AND AT THE END OF THE VIDEO, Oliveira accused Makhachev’s team of lying. SO LETS GO

Undefeated Russian fighter, in a video, on his Youtube channel said. “Oliveira has been around for a long time, and when you see someone in your weight doing well, winning, you look at him as a potential opponent anyway, Of course, we looked, studied, and are still doing it. He has a very good guillotine, he throws it very well, so you have to be careful. He has a body for it. And in the standing position, he has very good knees and legs, the types that he hits in the body and head. Physically, I would not say that he is strong, but the last couple of years he has gained a lot of experience, confidence, and in no case do we look at him as a passing opponent. But we are confident that we will get through it. We have such confidence. The main thing is to carefully adhere to the plan, act slowly. said khabib

BUT, Charles Oliveira is not going to fight a Russian fighter for more than five minutes.

HE SAID “He will try to move me and neutralize my legs,” Brazilian MMA Legends quotes the Brazilian. “He doesn’t need it to submit me, but to wear me down, but I don’t care what Makhachev has to offer. I’m worried about what Charles has to offer. You can be sure that the fight with Makhachev will not last longer than one round. I guarantee it”



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