For the last couple of months, there’s been talk about WWE Raw becoming a TV-14 show again. There was a memo sent out within USA Network in early July but plans changed and the show is still rated TV-14.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Melzer explained why the company pulled back from its plans and it all boils down to not wanting to upset their key advertisers.

“That’s not gonna happen now,” Meltzer said about TV-14 plans. “Yeah, that was one of the new things. Andrew (Zarian) knows the whole story. Absolutely, there were memos and everything. It was planned. And I think that’s the new regime and that could be Stephanie instead of Vince. Vince maybe was considering it. Stephanie’s thing is let’s not make Mattel unhappy and we don’t need it (the TV-14 rating). You know what I mean? And they don’t.”

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