We are a few weeks into Triple H running creative since Vince McMahon‘s exit from WWE and there are no signs that the product has suffered because of the recent changes.

Prior to McMahon’s exit, there was concern that the product would suffer because many, especially stockholders, were of the belief that he had the magic touch and WWE would not function as well without McMahon at the helm.

The last few weeks have proved that the company will be fine without him and the word is that the backstage morale is much better. WrestlingNews.co was told that wrestlers are very happy with what Triple H has done and some wrestlers who are on the sidelines realize that everyone can’t get a push right off the bat but they are more secure with their spot than they were just a couple of months ago. WrestlingNews.co is told that there is more of a family atmosphere backstage and everyone wants to see the company grow because it will reflect well on Triple H, since he is beloved by most.

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