Paddy Pimblett has become famous for several reasons, one of which can be attributed to his physical carelessness between fights.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight prospect has quickly risen to superstardom with three finishes since arriving in the promotion in Sept. 2021. As a former Cage Warriors champion at Featherweight, Pimblett’s days of making 145 pounds are far behind him as he’s gone from “Baddy” to fatty after every fight that’s followed.

Coincidentally enough, the current best in the world at Pimblett’s old weight, Alexander Volkanovski, can relate mightily to the extreme levels of fluctuation Pimblett has begun displaying.

“I used to do that,” Volkanovski told The AllStar. “Back in the days when you used to talk to me, when I would go and people see me win the PXC world title [at] Featherweight. I’d go back to Thailand not even two weeks later and people are looking at me like, ‘How do you look like that? You were just here. What?! It doesn’t make sense.’

“I used to weigh in at 65.8 [kilograms], 145,” he continued. “And within the week … so next weekend, 86 kilograms. I used to go from 145 to 190 in one week. It’s not healthy. It’s terrible. It blows my mind how his head just balloons like that, it’s quite funny.”

Currently healing from recent hand surgery, the champion may very well be soon joining Pimblett in the ranks of 155 pounds. Volkanovski has expressed continual interest in attempting to become a dual-division titlist, especially as 145 pounds gets its top contender situation sorted.

For England’s Pimblett, he’s enjoying himself awaiting whatever may be next. With all potential jokes aside, his fellow fatboy believes people primarily just want the best for him.

“Look, honestly, I hear about people fat shaming him and all that type of stuff but I think there are a lot of people that probably care for his health as well because it ain’t healthy,” Volkanovski said. “I know because I’ve been in the same position.”

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